IQ test: Find the error in just 3 seconds and prove you’re a genius


The internet is filled with countless intelligence tests and mental puzzles designed to stimulate users’ brains and observational skills.

Among the various quizzes are those that measure your IQ based on the speed of your response to solve the game.

Indeed, possessing the ability to quickly spot different details and errors in various challenges is synonymous with a sharp and skillful mind.

In today’s image, we present a depiction that hides a single error: you must find it in just 3 seconds.

IQ tests are among the most sought after because they manage to entertain, engage, and be useful at the same time.

This type of quiz aims not only to entertain users but also to stimulate their mental abilities.

Responding quickly to these puzzles indicates a good ability to find creative and effective solutions.

It also challenges the mind to process the correct answer quickly to overcome the test.

In the image below, a woman is depicted standing in a bedroom in front of a mirror.

You have to find the error in just 3 seconds.

We know that time is very short, but only this way will you know if your mind is alert and ready to solve the test quickly.

Try to concentrate and observe the entire image carefully.

Only in this way can you solve the game. It’s about reasoning quickly and using instinct to identify what is wrong in this photo.

If you’ve come this far and want to know what the error in this photo was, all you have to do is look below, and you’ll understand everything.

The error lies in the reflection in the mirror of the woman.

In fact, it should be inverted.

That’s the solution to this amusing IQ test.

Always try new and different ones to enhance your mental abilities.

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