If you think you are a genius, find Marie in this imaage!


Can you spot Marie in this photo? A Playbuzz optical illusion has captured the internet’s attention, claiming that only one in seven highly perceptive individuals can locate ‘Marie’ in the woods.

In the vintage illustration, a girl and a buffalo are walking in the forest, but Marie seems to be missing.

Out of over 7,000 puzzle players, 66 percent assert they have found her, but can you?

Take on the challenge and search high, low, and even observe the buffalo.

If you’re struggling, a hint is provided: “THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM.”

Did you manage to spot Marie? Congratulations if you did!

It’s not an easy task, as not everyone can find her without peeking at the answer.

For those who couldn’t find Marie, the reveal is below. Surprise!

“MARIE” is not a human or a little girl—it’s a trick.

The brainteaser intentionally misled by not specifying that Marie was merely letters spelling her name.

Many assumed Marie must be a person, even though the hint suggested otherwise.

To see Marie, puzzle players needed a mirror, flipping the image upside down and reversing the letters.

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