If you find the 4 differences in 7 seconds, you have an exceptional intuition!


A new viral challenge has spread on social media and is gaining popularity among web users.

More and more people enjoy playing and testing their skills with quizzes and visual puzzles.

Among the most sought-after is the game of finding the differences, loved by both adults and children.

The goal of the test is to identify all the different details between two apparently similar images compared side by side.

In today’s challenge, you’ll have to uncover four differences in just 7 seconds.

If you can find the solution, you truly have an extraordinary intuition.

The secret to solving the challenge quickly is to carefully observe the two images and try to identify those different details present in one of the two photos.

The spot-the-difference game helps stimulate brain activity and maintains a sharp mind capable of solving quizzes of this kind.

Training your brain with these puzzles is an excellent way to keep logical-deductive reasoning active and alert, which is the basis for solving many of these challenges.

If your intuition doesn’t fail you, you can identify the four differences between the two images.

These are small details that, however, change the representation of the scene in question.

Specifically, the drawing depicts a child playing in the park with his robot in the presence of a barking dog, possibly frightened by the peculiar toy.

Where are the four differences? If you’ve exceeded the time limit and want to know the solution to the game, look below.

The differences between the two images are the apple core instead of the flower, the dog’s spot, a duck peeking out from behind the child, and a smaller lightning bolt than the other.

How many of you have an exceptional intuition?

Keep playing with visual challenges and testing your skills. Only by doing so will you achieve better results.

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