Difficult Visual Challenge: Find the blue balloon in 5 seconds. Only 1% succeed!


Test your problem-solving skills with this fun quiz.

A particularly challenging visual challenge that has stumped thousands of users.

Only 1% of people have found the solution to this puzzle.

The goal of the game is to spot a hidden blue balloon in the image of this room.

But you have to do it within 5 seconds.

The quiz has a particularly high level of difficulty, so only the most attentive observers will find the correct answer.

The image below depicts a particularly colorful room: there are sofas with many cushions, plants, mirrors, and tables.

Hidden in the midst of this domestic scene is a blue balloon.

Finding it is really difficult, especially because there is a time limit of only 5 seconds.

If you have excellent visual skills, you will be able to solve this challenging puzzle.

But only 1% of users who attempted this game found the test solution on their own.

You need to stimulate your mind and your powers of observation to find the balloon.

The secret to reaching the solution is to carefully observe the entire image and try to locate the balloon.

You already know that its color is blue. This is a huge hint to finding it and solving the challenge. So quickly discard all other colors and focus exclusively on the blue.

Did you manage to find the balloon? If you haven’t located it yet or if the 5 seconds have passed, which is really a short time, don’t be discouraged.

This test was particularly difficult. Meanwhile, look below, and you will find the test solution.

The balloon was not inside the room, but you had to look out the window.

The sought-after object was well hidden among the little trees.

This was a particularly challenging test, but only with constant practice can you improve your problem-solving skills.

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