Only geniuses with high IQ can find all 3 mistakes!


Engaging in riddles and picture puzzles offers an effective means of giving your brain the necessary workout.

Brain games such as sudoku, chess, and scrabble are proven to enhance critical thinking, sharpen memory, and elevate overall productivity in daily life.

In that spirit, here’s another picture puzzle for you to enjoy with friends and family!

Ready for the challenge? Examine the image below and identify all three mistakes, if you can!

The picture depicts a woman engrossed in reading a book, clad in a green sweater, blue pants, and brown footwear.

Adjacent to her is a triangular table, and behind her lie a clock, calendar, and a potted plant.

However, there are, in fact, three substantial errors within the image!

Have you detected any of them yet?

At first glance, the puzzle may appear flawless, deliberately designed to perplex viewers!

Congratulations if you’ve successfully pinpointed all three mistakes!

Many participants struggle to identify them immediately.

If you’re still searching, you can refer to the provided answer below.

Ensure you’ve exerted your best effort!

Reexamine the image above, and see if you can identify all the errors this time.

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