Visual Test: Someone in the image has escaped from prison, if you can figure out who, you are a genius


Visual tests are fun and very useful activities that can be done alone or with friends.

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove it, many doctors argue that this type of pastime can be very beneficial for our brains, especially in older age.

Taking a visual test will require very little time each day but, at the same time, can bring many benefits.

These tests are used to assess a person’s abilities (intellectual and visual). I

n this case, for example, your visual and reasoning abilities will be put to the test.

In reality, there are many types of tests, from easier ones to more difficult ones.

There are visual ones, like in this case, which can be based on an optical illusion or a hidden element within the image.

Then there are mathematical and reasoning tests that are more reflective and require more time.

The test we present today involves finding a small but important detail. To do this, you have 5 seconds.

Look carefully at the image and think about what may seem out of place.

In the drawing, we are at a wedding, there is a bride and groom, and everyone is happy.

We are in a church, and there is a priest.

Everything seems normal, but in reality, something is hidden: someone has escaped from prison.

Can you tell who among the people present?

Now you have your 5 seconds to find the answer to this question.

You need to be as quick as possible to find an element that can give you a clue. If you can’t, we’ll help you.

If you look closely, one of the people present has an ankle monitor: the same one that prisoners wear.

Who is it? The priest.

If you noticed it, you are really quick; if not, don’t worry, you will get better over time.

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