Test your skills and find the three faces in 10 seconds, the visual illusion that few can solve!


The image we present today is a famous optical illusion that has challenged many internet users.

The visual challenge has been around for a long time and depicts an eagle flying among the branches of trees.

However, hidden in the photo are three faces.

If you can find them in less than 10 seconds, you have excellent observational skills.

The visual challenge we propose today is an illusion titled “The Eagle of the Republic” and is designed to deceive the human mind.

In addition to the presence of the bird soaring among the tree branches, three faces are also present.

Your skill should lead you to find them in just 10 seconds.

The difficulty of this test lies in the fact that the image is presented in black and white.

The absence of colors, as well as, conversely, a multitude of colors, destabilizes and creates greater confusion.

And then the time limit of 10 seconds is so short that you need quick reflexes and significant intuition.

Carefully observe the entire image and time the challenge.

If you exceed 10 seconds, the visual challenge cannot be considered valid.

Certainly, a trained mind already predisposed to spot those details suggesting the solution has a greater chance of solving the game in time.

It’s all about mental exercise. The more you engage in quizzes and visual puzzles, the more stimuli your mind will receive.

Returning to the test, did you find the three faces in the optical illusion?

If you want to know where they were hidden, look at the solution below.

The three faces are circled in red.

Were you able to solve the challenge on your own, or did you see the solution first?

If you had difficulty, there’s nothing left but to train more and come prepared for the next challenge.

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