In the family picnic image, there’s a hidden date: only 1% finds it in 7 seconds!


Having the ability to solve logical problems or visual puzzles is a skill that can only be developed through constant challenges and intelligence games.

On social media, many users enjoy entertaining themselves this way, dedicating a few minutes of their day to solving tests and mental puzzles.

Today, we present the image of a family enjoying a picnic.

Somewhere hidden in the photo is a date: only 1% of people can find it in 7 seconds. Can you? Put your skills to the test.

Carefully observe the image and try to identify the date that is hidden somewhere.

You have only 7 seconds. A well-trained mind may reach the solution, but if it’s your first time trying such a game, it will be nearly impossible, especially considering the time limit imposed.

Intelligence games and visual challenges are increasingly sought after and requested by internet users.

They represent a fun and amusing hobby to engage in while stimulating one’s brain activity.

We can give you a small hint: the date you need to find is broken into two parts.

In fact, there’s the number placed in one spot and the month, written in English, in another.

Can you find it after this clue?

If you’ve come this far and want to know the solution to the challenge, we’ll show you the hidden date below.

The hidden date was July 4th. As you can see, the number 4 was positioned behind the man cooking hamburgers, while the month “July” was right above the camping tent.

How many of you solved this enjoyable challenge?

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