Only 2% can find the hidden butterfly!


If you want to test your skills with one of the most challenging visual challenges you’ll find on the internet, you’re in the right place.

Here is one of the most popular visual games right now – the identification of the hidden object.

In this case, we are on a quest to find a hidden butterfly. In reality, you will realize that it has always been in plain sight.

If you can manage it on the first attempt, and in a short time, it means you truly have a talent.

We have here an illustration depicting a Japanese-style garden, very well-kept and full of life.

Looking closely, we will notice how many different insects are resting on the leaves of the pond, but strangely one is more challenging to find than the others.

Many internet users have taken on this visual challenge.

Some users believe that solving this challenge requires not only a keen observation but also good eyesight.

We think that, in addition to this, your common sense will also be very useful.

Are you ready to observe the image closely?

These types of hobbies are very popular, especially to take a moment to relax, perhaps during your work break or to challenge friends to see who is more skilled and attentive.

It can be more challenging than you think. Sometimes, they are real puzzles that can take a few minutes to find the solution.

Players with a truly great intellect and a very acute sense of observation are the ones who usually manage to conclude these types of challenges quickly.

So, to begin the search for the butterfly in this visual challenge, we can specify that the insect is somewhere in the pond.

Have you found it already? Well, analyze the following image and try to indicate the correct position of the butterfly.

Have you given up? Or are you checking that you have found the right insect?

Observation skills and keen eyesight are necessary to find the butterfly inside the Japanese garden.

If you’ve made it this far looking for the insect’s location, we leave it below for you.

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