If you are a genius find the differences! Spot the three different details in 30 seconds!


Test your visual skills and attention to detail with this fun challenge.

Today’s game is the spot-the-differences. The two images may appear identical at first glance, but they actually differ in three small details.

If you can spot all of them in just 30 seconds, you can consider yourself a true quiz expert.

Engaging in this kind of pastime is increasingly popular on social networks.

Internet users enjoy testing their mental abilities by attempting to solve various tests found on the web.

Visual puzzles and logic challenges are shared daily, covering a wide range of types.

Depending on the difficulty level, you can find ones that suit your skills.

By practicing regularly, you can tackle increasingly challenging tasks.

The spot-the-differences game is among the most popular quizzes.

They are suitable for both adults and children, testing one’s attention to detail.

In today’s test, you need to find the three details that differentiate the images.

Concentrate, and do not exceed the 30-second time limit.

Carefully observe the two images and try to identify the three imperceptible differences.

The scene depicts two chefs engaged in culinary preparation. Where are the three different details?

If you managed to find them in just 30 seconds, you are truly skillful.

Otherwise, continue practicing to improve your abilities.

The three differences are all circled, specifically the content of the pot, which is not the same in the two images; the woman on the left has her hair styled differently, and finally, the leeks to be cut are not the same color.

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