The enigma of the stairs that few solve: Find the exit through the stairs and doors and prove you’re a genius!


Every day, thousands of people decide to test their mental abilities in various ways.

Certainly, the best method to learn something or train a skill is through fun.

In fact, from a young age, we learn through play, and as we grow, we’re no exception.

Indeed, through fun and amusing visual or logical tests, we can learn new things and improve existing skills.

That’s why it’s crucial to carve out time to dedicate to our minds and, above all, our abilities.

Today, we want to help you increase your mental capacities.

Solve this visual enigma, finding the exit through the stairs and doors, in just 10 seconds.

The time available to solve this visual enigma is really short, but we’re confident that some of you will succeed.

Find the exit through the stairs and doors to reach the terrace and prove that you’re geniuses.

The stairs can be used both to go down and to go up, while you can change rooms only if there is a door.

If you’re ready, let’s start the timer and begin the challenge.

The scenario is clear; the girl needs to reach the terrace to retrieve the hanging clothes.

Find the exit to the terrace using stairs and doors, but be mindful of the time, which is running out quickly.

According to experts, engaging in 30 minutes of exercise per day significantly helps our mental abilities.

Furthermore, by keeping the mind active, we can substantially slow down brain aging.

In fact, the many negative stimuli we receive throughout the day, including phones and televisions, harm our brain tissue.

Therefore, in our free time, it’s essential to carefully select the stimuli we expose ourselves to.

But, returning to our visual enigma, the time available has now expired, and it’s time to discover the solution.

If you didn’t manage to reach the terrace in time, don’t worry; we’ll now show you the correct path.

To reach the terrace in just 10 seconds, the highlighted path in red is the one to take.

If you managed to find it, congratulations, you’re truly brilliant.

But if you didn’t find the right path, don’t get discouraged; you just need more practice.

And you can achieve that by doing more tests like this one.

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