Visual test: Only 5% of users find the face hidden in the image in just 7 seconds


Visual tests or logical puzzles are becoming increasingly popular in the world of the internet.

These enjoyable tests allow us to spend our free time productively.

In fact, besides being fun, they help our minds by stimulating cognitive abilities.

Thanks to these tests, it’s possible to slow down brain aging and prevent the onset of various neurodegenerative disorders.

With just 30 minutes of exercise a day, all of this is achievable.

Many experts recommend engaging in such activities to keep the brain in shape.

A young and active brain facilitates daily life and problem-solving.

Today, we challenge you with a very difficult visual test—only 5% of users have succeeded in this challenge.

You have only 7 seconds to find the face hidden in the image.

If you think you’re a genius, this is the right challenge for you.

Time is limited; indeed, you have only 7 seconds to locate the face hidden in the image.

Set your timers and try to overcome this extremely challenging task.

95% of users have failed to find the face hidden in this image, but perhaps you belong to that small percentage of geniuses.

The image depicts two adults and two children in a room, but along with these people, there is a hidden face.

This test is excellent for training vision, observation speed, and reasoning.

That’s why it’s so challenging. However, we are confident that some of you will manage to overcome this formidable challenge.

You could increase the fun by challenging friends or family to discover if among you, a true genius is hiding.

Time is running out very quickly, and we have reached the much-awaited moment.

We are about to reveal the solution to this visual test.

Only a small percentage, 5%, of users have succeeded in this feat.

So, it’s time to find out who among you falls into this small percentage.

Here is the face hidden in the image, on the left, circled in white.

The difficulty of this visual test was indeed high, but if you managed to find it, congratulations—you are truly a genius.

If you didn’t find the face in 7 seconds, don’t worry; you need more training, and you can do it with other tests like this one

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