I almost broke my head trying to find a pencil among the carrots


It’s no secret how fascinating optical illusions can be.

The longer you look at an image, the more new details are revealed to your eye.

By the way, today awaits you one of these puzzles.

Try to find the pencil skillfully hidden among the carrots.

You have only 10 seconds to complete the task. Will you succeed?

It’s amazing how optical illusions can help people understand exactly how our brain works.

Surely, you have found yourself in a situation where your mind has drawn nonexistent lines to form a geometric figure.

Or you have even seen something that doesn’t actually exist.

It is worth noting that the functioning of the human body, in general, is full of mysteries.

An interesting example is how the brain adapts to our vision.

As scientists have discovered, if you wear glasses that show everything upside down for some time, the mind “flips” the image for greater comfort.

However, to return to normal vision, it will not be enough to remove the curious accessory, but also to wait for your eyes to “recalibrate.”

More interesting is solving puzzles like ours, which we found on the internet.

All you need to do is find a pencil among the carrots.

By the way, there are also hares in the photo.

Unfortunately, their help will not wait. Well, you could use it.

You see, to find the missing object, you have to do it within 10 seconds.

Otherwise, you will have to start all over again.

The interesting thing is that the most attentive users on the web can handle such a task literally in seconds.

As you can see, not only sharpness but also concentration comes into play.

After all, the result depends on how well you can separate the unnecessary from the goal.

In this case, it’s about time. The faster, the better you’ll focus on the task.

By the way, have you found a pencil yet? To be honest, not even everyone on our editorial team could solve the puzzle on the first try.

And the reason is simple: the color of the object is very similar to that of the carrots.

Perhaps this is what prevents many from finding the missing object. By the way, below, you’ll find a hint.

As you may have noticed, an important factor in our puzzle was the shape of the pencil.

After all, it is noticeably different from the vegetables.

Unfortunately, not even such an essential detail helped many internet users.

And have you managed to solve the puzzle quickly?

Don’t forget to share your result in the comments.

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