Test your powers of observation, find the error in the image


The challenge presented in this article is a viral visual puzzle that will test your visual ability and determine how perceptive you are if you can solve it in a few seconds.

It is, in fact, a search for the error in the illustration below in the article, where a family is seen enjoying a playful moment with a board game. Are you ready to test your mind?

Spending quality time with family is perhaps a thought that has gradually been lost, possibly due to new forms of communication and entertainment.

It’s much easier to spend a lot of time on the phone, computer, or in front of TV screens.

This could involve watching a series, playing video games, or reviewing one’s social networks.

In this image, however, we find a family having fun with a board game.

But in this drawing, there is something wrong, an error, something that shouldn’t be this way.

We are faced with a visual riddle. So, find the error in the image but don’t immediately check the solution.

Test yourself!

Have you managed to find the error? If you’re still trying to figure out the solution to this visual game, here’s a small clue: pay attention to what is “happening” on the board and observe carefully.

Surely, you will notice that something doesn’t make sense for a game like this and for an activity carried out with fun by everyone.

If, however, you haven’t been able to solve the riddle and identify where the error is hiding in the image in a few seconds, below is the solution. The error is circled in red.

Further down is also the explanation of the error in the image.

One of the two dice is incorrect; it is clear that one of the faces accumulates nine points.

This is impossible for a normal six-sided die for a game like the one on the table that seems like Monopoly.

If you regularly play board games, you’ll know that dice range from 1 to 6.

If you managed to complete the challenge, we congratulate you.

It certainly takes powers of observation and sharp intelligence.

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