Only a genius finds the missing number in the domino tiles


At every moment of the day, our brain processes data and information, and thanks to these, we can solve challenges and problems.

When faced with a dilemma or a mystery, our mind sets in motion to solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To achieve better results, it’s necessary to keep our mind always active and in training, and this is possible through logical and mathematical tests.

Today, we want to propose a test that represents the perfect union of these two subjects.

In fact, we pose a question: which number is missing in the domino tiles?

Only a genius finds the solution in just 45 seconds.

The time available is not much, but we assure you that it is sufficient to solve this challenge.

In just 45 seconds, you have to figure out which numbers are missing in the domino tiles.

Of course, the sequence is neither ascending nor descending but follows a logic. Let’s start this challenge.

As expected, there are domino tiles, precisely 9 of them, but in one of these, numbers are missing.

You have to find them to overcome this challenge. You could challenge friends or family to increase the fun and thrill.

Find out who among you is more skilled with logic and mathematics through this challenge.

Thanks to tests like this, we can train our abilities and talents to the fullest, so we can achieve really important results.

In fact, with just 30 minutes of daily exercise, it’s possible to significantly increase our capabilities.

These improvements bring enormous advantages in our daily lives, as an active and agile mind allows us to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

But, returning to our test, the 45 seconds granted for this challenge are over.

We have come to the moment that everyone was eagerly awaiting.

In fact, we are about to reveal the solution to this mathematical-logical test.

Are you ready to discover which numbers are missing in the domino tiles? Let’s see it together.

The result is 4 and 2, and as you can see in the top left, they could be obtained through subtraction.

In fact, you had to analyze the tiles by column.

By doing so, you notice a pattern; the last tiles in each column are the result of the subtraction of the first two.

And if you managed to solve this challenge, congratulations, you are truly phenomenal, and your mind is agile and quick.

If, however, you didn’t succeed in this challenge, don’t be discouraged; you need more training, and there are many other tests like this to do it.

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