Based on the first decision you make, you will discover the hidden aspects of your character


In recent years, especially following the outbreak of the Covid pandemic and the advent of social networks, we have witnessed the global spread of new forms of virtual entertainment.

These are the so-called ‘visual tests,’ challenges of various kinds and types that a large number of users particularly enjoy taking.

In today’s article, what we would like to bring to your attention is an introspective test.

It involves, depending on the first decision the user makes, gaining insight into the hidden aspects and sides of their character.

As can be inferred from observing the illustration, it presents four distinct situations, each in its own way very stressful.

We have a boiling kettle, a constantly ringing intercom, a crying baby, and finally, a dog destroying furniture.

The test’s objective is to instinctively respond within a few seconds, revealing which situation you would address first to calm the rampant chaos.

Depending on the provided answer, you will learn hidden traits of your character and other more intimate aspects of your soul.

The kettle is about to explode: if you chose to resolve this situation first, it means you are people who do not particularly enjoy adventures.

Instead, you are inclined to indulge your vices and whims, overlooking things and facts that truly matter.

Many of your decisions might lead others to consider you fundamentally selfish individuals.

Ringing intercom: if this was your first decision, it means you tend to be somewhat superficial, interested in gossip, chatter, and material goods.

Essentially, this makes you sad and lonely individuals.

Crying baby: those who choose to address this situation first generally turn out to be very creative people but tend to think almost exclusively of themselves.

Dog that broke the sofa: finally, if you chose to face this situation first, it means you are very empathetic individuals and at the same time reasonable.

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