Prove you are a genius and find out how man kids this woman has!


A viral graphic depicting a mother with her baby has sparked curiosity among viewers, challenging them to determine the number of children the mom has.

Have you ever been told that success is guaranteed as long as you pay attention and remain focused?

This adage holds true for the picture puzzle presented below.

Examine the graphic showcasing a mother in a park.

The woman, holding a stroller and smiling at her baby, awaits your deduction.

Your task is to ascertain the number of children the mom has based on the details provided in the picture.

While she could theoretically have more children than the ‘correct’ answer, let’s assume that the number of kids aligns with the concealed clues in the image.

Have you completed your investigation? What did you discover?

Given the mom’s presence at the park with a stroller, it’s evident her baby is in there.

However, there’s another subtle clue beneath the basket—a soccer ball.

Clearly, the mother also has an older child, as babies typically don’t engage in soccer.

Therefore, the accurate answer is 2! The mom has two kids.

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