Use your eagle eyes and find the 3rd person in this image!


Embarking on a quest for hidden objects and figures not only promises entertainment but also enhances your mindfulness and awareness.

Whether you’re here for friendly competition, a good time, or to sharpen your observational skills, satisfaction awaits!

Let’s kick off with our inaugural challenge.

Set your gaze upon the image below and seek out the elusive hidden person.

In the scene, an old man with a mustache engages in conversation with a younger lad, who casually carries a chessboard under his left arm.

However, they aren’t alone—zoom in, and a third figure materializes.

While it may not be an exact replica, this mysterious figure bears a resemblance to a man’s face.

Now, take another scrutinizing glance at the puzzle and deduce the correct answer.

Have you uncovered the third face, or could you use a nudge?

Here are a few hints to guide you. The concealed face lurks within the trees.

Direct your focus to the wall behind the trees, where you might discern the nose, mouth, and eye of the enigmatic figure.

If you’re still stumped, check out the solution.

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