Use your eagle eyes and find the teddy bear!


Any day is an opportune day to engage in unraveling riddles and picture puzzles, as this activity not only enhances cognitive function and sharpens memory but also helps alleviate stress.

Let’s delve into another picture puzzle that has left many challengers puzzled! Are you up for it?

Observe the image below and attempt to locate the concealed teddy bear.

The picture portrays six children participating in a cheerful marathon, exuding joy from their friendly competition.

However, hidden within the scene is a teddy bear. Can you spot it?

Feel free to enlist the help of your friends and family to add an extra layer of enjoyment!

If you’ve successfully identified the hidden teddy bear, congratulations!

For those still grappling with the challenge, direct your focus to the upper right side of the picture for a better chance of discovery.

Have you spotted it now?

To confirm, scroll down and unveil the adorable teddy bear’s location.

There it is—the teddy bear revealed!

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