90% of people fail! Find the mistake now!


A viral picture puzzle has baffled 90% of viewers who failed to spot the mistake.

In the image below, one can observe a lady’s hand adorned with a wristwatch and two rings.

Immediate attention may be drawn to the purple-painted nails. However, the challenge lies in finding the mistake.

Examine the photo closely and share your observations.

Before settling on a final answer, consider this: there’s nothing amiss with the woman’s hand.

While wearing two rings on the same finger may be unconventional, it’s not inherently wrong since they are ordinary bands.

This brings us to the lady’s wristwatch, where the blatant mistake is right in front of you.

Surprisingly, the entire design of the watch constitutes a significant error.

The adjustment pin, typically situated at the side of the watch near the wrist, is incorrectly placed at the top in this case.

Did you manage to identify the mistake on your own?

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