Only geniuses can find the bunny in this image!


Let’s challenge your eyes and spot a bunny hidden among numerous cats.

In the image below, you’ll find charming cats displaying a variety of colors and patterns.

Some are brown and yellow, while others exhibit shades of blue and white.

Unique fur patterns further distinguish these felines.

As you’ve likely observed, not all the kittens are identical for various reasons.

Surprisingly, one of the creatures in the mix isn’t a kitten at all but an adorable rabbit!

To successfully pass the initial test, locate the rabbit within a mere ten seconds.

Keep in mind that rabbits don’t wear eyeglasses, but there’s another distinctive feature setting our bunny apart from the rest.

Take a closer look and review the solution below once you’ve completed the challenge.

Did you catch those unmistakable bunny ears? Congratulations!

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