Only 2% can find the lost pipe! You try now!


Ready for a challenge? An old man needs your help in locating his lost pipe.

In the image below, observe a senior man on a bench outside his home.

Within this picture, hidden somewhere, is his favorite toy—a pipe! Can you find it within one minute to pass the test?

The elderly man wears a red, decorated top and striped brown pants while engrossed in reading a newspaper.

A walking cane rests beside him, and if you zoom in, vines are taking over the bench.

But where could the man’s pipe be hiding? Is it within the building behind him, or perhaps nestled in the plants around him?

Take another close look and give it your best shot before scrolling down for the solution.

Have you located the missing pipe?

Here’s a significant hint: the pipe is part of another object that belongs to the old man!

Examine what’s his, and you might just strike gold.

If the hidden object remains elusive, feel free to scroll down for the correct answer!

How long did it take you to spot the pipe?

As it turns out, what appears to be the top of the man’s walking cane is actually a smoking pipe!

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