Sharpen your eyes and find the cup different from the others in 12 seconds!


A highly challenging challenge has put many web players to the test.

Test your mental skills and sharpen your eyes: the goal of the quiz is to find the only cup different from the others in less than 12 seconds.

If you can pay attention to details and spot the smallest differences, you have a brilliant and genius mind.

At first glance, today’s test image seems impossible to solve.

The mind becomes confused seeing all these seemingly identical cups.

An optical illusion is created that destabilizes the brain by sending incorrect information because, in reality, the photo features one cup different from the others.

If you have high intellectual qualities and a clear mind in the face of difficulties, you must solve the brain teaser in just 12 seconds.

If you exceed the time limit, the test will not be considered valid.

Don’t be discouraged, but try to observe the puzzle image carefully to find the only element different from the others.

What is the specific detail that distinguishes the cup you are looking for from the others?

If you haven’t solved the visual test yet, here’s a small hint: pay attention to the colored lines that make up all the cups.

Count another 12 seconds starting now and try to solve the test.

If you have succeeded now, we congratulate you.

Only with constant practice can you improve your mental abilities and your powers of observation.

The different cup is circled in red, and the specific difference is indeed the different color of the lines.

It is the only one missing the green line.

If you enjoyed this challenge, share it with your friends and family to test their skills.

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