Only the brightest minds can find the hidden light bulb in less than 4 seconds


This new puzzle will test your concentration and powers of observation.

On this occasion, your brain will be put to the test by seeking a very specific image within the drawing presented below, rich in misleading details that will try to confuse and distract your attention.

This type of visual test is often used to calculate IQ, which is a person’s intelligence quotient.

What we offer you today is a highly stimulating challenge with the goal of measuring logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

You can have fun alone under the umbrella or in the company of a friend.

But in any case, you must respect the time limit of only 4 seconds!

You need to look for a light bulb in the intricate and chaotic drawing full of bright colors, different subjects performing actions, and objects that seem to have their specific place.

The time at your disposal is truly just a handful of seconds, but the solution is not impossible.

If you don’t get distracted by unnecessary details, you will successfully reach your goal.

Did you manage to find the light bulb? If so, you have a brilliant mind and excellent visual ability, along with a remarkable level of concentration because you reached the solution immediately.

If you’re still looking, don’t worry because it will be highlighted in the next image.

Don’t despair over failure; you just need to train more and sharpen your vision during the next visual games.

Exercises like these help our minds stay in shape and promote the oxygenation of our nerve cells, allowing us to be more alert, more focused, and to solve problems that may present sometimes complex solutions.

Quick thinking and powers of observation in the surrounding environment are necessary tools that need to be stimulated… even with simple mental quizzes!

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