The soldier can’t find his sword: help him recover it in just 14 seconds


Optical illusions are created to distort images from reality and activate logical-deductive reasoning in people who engage with them.

Depending on their level of difficulty, you may encounter greater or lesser challenges, but all are based on careful observation to uncover the deception.

Today, we present the scene of a soldier on a horse-drawn carriage.

However, there’s a small problem: he can’t find his sword anymore.

If you can recover it within 14 seconds, you have excellent visual ability.

Challenge your mind and try to identify the hidden sword within the established time.

At first, it may seem impossible to understand the exact point where it is because you are facing an optical illusion.

So, we recommend observing the soldier image with great attention and sharpening your ingenuity to find the hidden sword.

Certainly, the fact that the photo is in black and white doesn’t help because the mind gets confused more easily.

A good foundation, preceded by constant exercise, will allow you to have greater ease in solving this visual test.

In fact, only through training with this kind of pastime will the mind be more accustomed to solving skill games and visual challenges.

One of the biggest difficulties is undoubtedly represented by the time limit.

Indeed, the 14 seconds imposed are very few. But if you have a keen eye, it won’t be impossible to find the hidden sword.

Did you manage to recover it? If you still haven’t, don’t be discouraged; you just need to practice more.

Above, we show you the solution to today’s optical illusion, and you’ll see where it was hidden.

The hidden sword is marked inside the red circle. Could you see it?

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