If you understand which glass will fill up first, you have a very high IQ


Take on this new logic challenge and test your IQ. If you solve the quiz correctly, it means you have a brilliant mind.

In the image below, you will find a depiction that includes an open faucet with water flowing and several glasses below.

To find the solution to the puzzle, you’ll need to understand which glass will fill up first.

If you answer correctly, it means you have a truly high IQ.

This fun logic test has put many users on the web to the test.

The challenge has gone viral thanks to many shares.

Use all your intelligence to discover which glass will fill up first.

Don’t get confused but observe the image carefully.

Of course, there is an explanation to understand which glass will be filled first.

But how to deduce it? If you figure it out, it means your IQ is truly high.

You need to reason and solve the quiz using logic. If you’re accustomed to constantly practicing with this kind of pastime, you won’t take much time to solve today’s challenge.

Have you figured out which glass will be the first to fill up?

If you found the solution, we congratulate you.

It means you can reason and have a logical mind.

If you need to read the solution, we’ll show it to you below.

Solution: the first to fill up is glass number 4

By paying attention to the arrangement of the passages connecting the faucet to the glasses, you will notice that to reach glass 3, the passage is closed, so that part can be eliminated.

The correct answer is number 4 because the water will flow first from the glasses above to completely fill glass 4.

How many of you guessed correctly? If you enjoyed this challenge, share it with your friends and test their skills.

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