Let’s find out who is lefthanded!


This puzzle offers a playful gauge of your intelligence, judging your decision-making skills in the face of a tricky problem.

It serves as a fun IQ test, challenging you to employ logical reasoning to decipher brain teasers.

These puzzles elevate a basic riddle into an engaging game, demanding creative thinking for a solution.

The catch here is that the answer isn’t presented straightforwardly; you need to approach it with a different mindset.

In the given image, your task is to identify the left-handed individual among five people and a squirrel based on their actions and circumstances.

Each person’s handedness is revealed through their specific tasks—right-handed actions for right-handed individuals and left-handed actions for the left-handed.

Careful scrutiny of the image is essential for a correct answer, and it’s important to note that the left-handed creature will use its left hand for the primary task.

The answers are temptingly close, so beware of scrolling too far and spoiling the challenge!

Let’s break it down:

The chef wields a knife with his right hand while chopping vegetables.

The computer user employs both hands, making their handedness unclear.

The person sweeping with the broom also uses both hands.

The girl taking a picture uses both hands but clicks the button with her right hand.

The squirrel uses both hands while eating.

The waitress, serving coffee, carries the tray in her right hand but will use her left hand to serve the coffee.

Therefore, the left-handed individual in this mental puzzle is the waitress.

Lefties find it more comfortable to hold a tray in their right hand and use their left hand for serving, keeping the right hand static.

This puzzle is a delightful test of intelligence and observation skills, demanding lateral thinking within the given time.

Figuring out the answer quickly brings a sense of satisfaction, making it another enjoyable way to challenge your IQ.

While these puzzles are fun, taking a formal IQ test provides a more accurate measure of your intelligence level.

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