Are you free and independent in your life? Let’s check together with this test!


A dash of carefreeness, a good dose of self-confidence, and a hint of independence.

Ah! These are the three ingredients that make up the elixir of life for some of us.

A simple recipe, but one that needs to simmer throughout life to achieve the coveted freedom, independence, and autonomy.

Some may face obstacles and uncertainties, but no matter what happens, we take control every morning, attempting to bring our existence closer to that natural aesthetic.

A good chunk of people sees themselves as free as a bird, independent as a wolf.

Yet, do they stop to take a look under the hood of their lives? Once they engage in self-critique, poof!

They realize they have acted in response to the desires of others. Let me tell you, it’s not a whim reserved for Generation Z.

Since we settled into society, with our politics and our economy, we have always sought to please.

Regardless of the context, in public or private, most of us would love to please others so much that they forget to listen to themselves.

Hold tight: do you consider yourself not chained to others’ boats but sailing freely on the vast sea of independence?

Is every action, every decision you make conditioned by social, aesthetic, or professional pressure?

If you realize that freedom and autonomy are closer than you thought, then this little test is for you.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge and determine if you are truly an independent and free person or if it remains a beautiful dream?

Take all the time you need, breathe, and take a look at the image at the top of the site.

Your mission, if you accept it, is to find the bears hiding in the landscape.

Are you geared up? Come on, don’t rush. Let your eyes wander, and don’t miss any details; after all, it’s often the smallest things that make all the difference, don’t you think? Then tell us how many bears you’ve found!

If you’ve laid eyes on only one bear, well, you can put the champagne back in the fridge.

We can’t yet award you the badge of independence and autonomy!

There’s more than one bear playing hide-and-seek in this image, no matter which one you spotted first.

You could get on track by boosting your self-confidence and maintaining good relationships with those around you.

Let’s say it’s a good starting point.

Oh yes, two playful bears are indeed hiding in this image! And you’re one of the few who hit the mark!

This probably means that your sense of freedom and autonomy is well-rooted.

Disregarding gossip, not waiting for the perfect prince or princess, always maintaining a proactive attitude—these are traits often found in those with freedom in their DNA.

Always ready to lend a hand to others, far from arrogance or presumption, avoiding jealousy or any other form of negativity, you are one of those who inspire those around you.

So, you’re on the right track! But well, you probably don’t care much about that, do you? You always blaze your own trail!

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