Test your IQ in this optical illusion challenge! Find the umbrella in the picture!


Do you think you have a good sense of attention? Then you’ll love this optical illusion challenge where the task is to find the umbrella in 7 seconds!

It’s an attention game in which you’ll have to focus to the maximum to find the figure we propose.

All this while remembering to observe for 7 seconds to prove your agility.

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In the illustration above, you can find a forest on a rainy day.

In the foreground, we have three youngsters who seem to be struggling with the rain that has just started to fall.

While in the background, we have trees, animals, mushrooms, and even fruits, composing the design scenario.

Certainly, an umbrella would do a lot of good to the characters in the rain, but apparently, they are without one.

On the other hand, there is an umbrella hidden in this image, and it will be your duty to find it within 7 seconds.

So maybe this way, we could help the characters not to get wet!

Note that there are many details in this illustration, so at first glance, it may seem very difficult, even impossible, to find it in 7 seconds.

However, it is an agility game, in which you need to focus and concentrate on observing every corner of the image with a keen eye!

Where is the umbrella?

As mentioned, so far, few people have proven that they are smart enough and capable of taking up this challenge.

In this case, the big secret to solving a puzzle like this is to train your visual attention a lot.

Therefore, this game may be more challenging for those who are not used to challenging their minds.

So, we invite you to try to train your mind with mental challenges like this.

Thus, you will be able, little by little, to have a keen mind to find the umbrella, perhaps even in less than 7 seconds!

See in the image below where the object we were looking for is located to satisfy your curiosity.

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