Look closely at this image: If you find the hidden frog, you beat 77% of people


It is said that those with extraordinary intelligence could easily solve this IQ challenge, mainly based on an optical illusion.

A tiny portion of the population, about 2%, manages to detect the cleverly concealed frog among the leaves in the image in just 7 seconds.

Are you one of them?

In this mysterious image, a frog skillfully camouflages itself among the leaves.

You’ll find leaves of all colors scattered on the ground, from bright yellow to mustard, through shades of purple, pink, and gray.

The illusion imposes itself on viewers with this assertion: “There is an amphibian among these leaves.”

It has been revealed that only 2% of individuals can find the frog subtly hidden in the setting.

This image is a playful way to assess your IQ through an optical illusion.

However, it’s preferable to take a real IQ test to objectively measure your intellectual level.

Have you unmasked the secret frog in just 7 seconds?

If you struggle to spot the hidden frog, don’t worry; we’re here to guide you.

You must scrutinize the leaves covering the ground carefully.

The frog is positioned on the leaves at the top left of the image.

It is relatively challenging to spot it in this photograph since its body harmoniously blends with the leaves in its environment.

Here is the answer you were probably waiting for: we have highlighted the frog in the image below.

It’s worth noting that this image has left many adults in a state of perplexity, desperately trying to unmask the frog camouflaged among the leaves.

Research tends to show that the more you challenge your brain with tricky puzzles, the greater your capacity to be intelligent.

Optical illusions always provide an interesting perspective on how our brains work.

Specific combinations of colors, light, and patterns have the power to make our brains visually perceive something that doesn’t actually exist.

So, what do you say? Did you manage to uncover the hidden frog in this optical illusion image?

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