Let’s find all 4 cats hiding among tigers!


Gergely Dudás, the Hungarian artist, is renowned for crafting mind-boggling brainteasers that challenge the internet to spot hidden objects or details.

He has even released three books featuring his intriguing brainteasers, such as the one below: Can you find FOUR CATS among the tigers?

Dudás has a collection of holiday-themed puzzles, including “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things” for Christmas, “Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things” for Halloween, and his latest creation.

“Bear’s Springtime Book of Hidden Things,” along with others.

In his Christmas-themed drawings, Dudás has cleverly hidden Santa’s hat among striped hats, a snowman among snowflakes, and a card among gift bags.

For this holiday brainteaser, there are seven hidden objects to uncover. Can you spot them all?

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