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IQ, an abbreviation for intelligence quotient, serves as a metric for evaluating an individual’s reasoning capability.

In essence, it aims to measure how adept someone is at utilizing information and logic to answer questions or make predictions.

The initiation of IQ tests involves an assessment of short- and long-term memory, scrutinizing an individual’s ability to solve puzzles, and evaluating their capacity to recall information heard—emphasizing both speed and accuracy.

It’s important to recognize that every student possesses the capacity to learn, irrespective of their innate intelligence level.

However, certain students may encounter challenges in an academic setting due to weaknesses in specific facets of intelligence.

For these individuals, participation in special education programs can be highly beneficial.

Within these programs, students receive additional support tailored to address their areas of struggle.

IQ tests play a pivotal role in aiding educators to identify students who could benefit from such additional assistance, facilitating a more targeted and effective educational approach.

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