Challenge those sharp eyes: Find the word “Flow” among “Glow” in just 20 seconds. Ready, set, go!


As optical illusions gain popularity as brain-teasing activities, people nowadays frequently search for new optical illusion images across various internet sources.

Engaging with these illusions enhances concentration and observational capacity.

With every optical illusion image presented, your primary task is to identify the hidden Word Flow, understanding the image better to unveil how the hidden Word Flow has been camouflaged within the image surroundings.

Here is one such mind-boggling optical illusion where only 1% of participants managed to find the hidden Word Flow in the given image.

Exploring numerous optical illusions aids in improving your IQ level.

Typically, searching for a hidden Word Flow within a stipulated time eases your brain to identify it more quickly.

So, here is a quick countdown for you to sort out the hidden Word Flow.

The clock has started ticking…. 10… 9… 8…

Hurry up! The time is running out. Look at all corners of the image to find the hidden Word Flow that needs identification.

3… 2… 1… time’s up! Finding solutions to optical illusions is a challenging step.

If you are still gazing at the image to identify the hidden Word Flow, you can now look at the correct location of the hidden Word Flow.

Don’t get disappointed if you were not able to find a solution.

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