The ultimate challenge: only those with 10/10 vision spot the hidden books!


Overflowing with curiosity, I warn you: this IQ test will put your intellectual strides to the test!

Picture this: 5 books artfully hidden amidst the chaos.

You’ll need an eagle eye, a peculiar insight to spot them.

It’s up to you to take up the challenge!

Puzzles are like logic-dusted jigsaws and the subtle art of reasoning.

We untangle the pieces to juggle deduction, shape recognition, problem-solving.

A true Swiss Army knife for the neurons! And to spice things up, they can masquerade as riddles, word games, and crosswords.

A real masked ball for our brains!

Even recruiters swoon at its prowess in interviews… a small, real-life test of your ability to untangle the complexity of the ambient hubbub.

So, if you want to toughen up that logical muscle within you, adopt the daily brain workout: think, throb, pulse with puzzles!

Like a treat for your mind, I’ve found you a delectable puzzle.

Are you tempted? Are you salivating in advance?

Fire at will!

Can you find the bookish intruders in less than 11 seconds in this IQ test?

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, our puzzle of the hour.

Analyze the scene: a couple innocently picnicking under a tree in the park.

A bustling city, gathered behind its valiant sheriff. Mr., nose buried in a book, Mrs., fingers dancing on her phone.

At first glance, nothing abnormal… but on closer inspection, books are nestled here and there.

Put on your Sherlock glasses, how many do you see?

The challenge is set, position yourself at the starting line with your timer set to 11 seconds.

Ready?… Go!

And note, the sun displays a rather rational brilliance, doesn’t it? A moment to discover the hidden poetry of everyday life.

Come on, let’s not stray, the countdown is ticking…


And 3… 2… Come on, last effort! 1…

Stop, brush and cow’s tail! Time is up, friends.

So, did this race against time allow you to triumph over this puzzle by discovering our literary intruders?

How many did you see?

If your harvest doesn’t reach the quintet of books, dig deeper!

Take the time to revisit the puzzle, and if it resists your perspicacity, the answer is then within your reach.

Epilogue of the puzzle

For this timeless challenge, your mission was to spot all the curious books hidden in less than 11 seconds.

So, what’s the result of your hunt?

Solution to the IQ test:

If you managed to unveil the mystery of these misplaced books in less than 11 seconds, then congratulations, your observational skills deserve a podium!

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