The illusion dividing the internet: book or man? What do you see!


Animate your neurons; here’s the personality test in optical illusion mode!

So, what do you expect to find in the depths of this mysteriously embedded image?

What you unearth first in exploring this optical labyrinth will reveal, no more and no less, the traits of your personality lying in the depths of your being.

So, dive into the arena of optical illusion and seek to discover who you truly are!

Embark on optical illusions, mirages of reality that make us perceive the invisible or improbable.

Astonishing and fascinating, they hammer our brain, tease our eyes, and lead us to the heights of observation and vigilance.

Ah, optical illusions! Simple, free, and exhilarating joy.

You sway, titillated, as your neurons flutter at the thought of finding animals or objects residing in the unsuspected corners of the image.

It’s jubilant, invigorating; time seems to stand still for a moment.

In short, optical illusions are the perfect escape ticket for those seeking a break from daily routine.

Ready to escape reality and dive into the wonderful world of optical illusions?

Let’s go!

Personality test through optical illusion, book or old man version?

Here is the coveted image!

Image taken from a video circulating on TikTok, credited to Charles Meriot.

According to him, your primary perception of the image will accurately inform you about the type of personality within you.

This image is an open book to your soul.

If you squint a little, you should see either a stack of books or an old man with a penchant for perching glasses on his nose, sporting a well-groomed beard.

So, what’s the first thing that catches your eye?

Wait, don’t move, a thorough decoding of your personality is just below.


If a stack of books caught your eye at first glance, it points to your inclination for collecting information and your thirst for knowledge.

But beware, there’s depth behind it: your personality is fierce and complex like a labyrinth.

Your loyal friend is none other than your brain, carrying the banner of rationality.

You’re not easily fooled by the titans of emotions; you steer life’s course with practicality.

At first glance, one might judge you as a bit cold; sure, you’re not the type to throw yourself into anyone’s arms. But once the chosen one appears, the chemistry ignites.

In essence, you’re the type to take your time to open up.

An old man:

If the first vision that grabbed you is that of an elderly man, then you’re a rare specimen.

Extroverted, you thrive in sociability and love being in the midst of a swarm of people. At every party, you’re the one who unleashes.

Don’t worry, you wield your life like a banner, according to your own rules.

You play the card of intuition, and your decisions are always painted in the colors of your inner voice, with a primacy for the heart.

And guess what, you’re highly intuitive.

So, what’s your personality archetype?

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this optical illusion personality test as much as we loved serving it up to you on a platter.

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