The cat and mouse game: find the mouse before the cat in this library!


You’ve got the eyes of a lynx to spot a mouse in this drawing before the big cat gets its paws on it?

All of this in the midst of the bustling library? And you say you saw it in less than 15 seconds?

Well, maybe you have a pretty high IQ, who knows!

Let’s talk about this peculiar machinery, this optical illusion, this image that plays with our neurons like a diabolical seductress…

A representation that takes wicked pleasure in shaking us up, playing tricks on our usual perception.

In a way, it’s like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, a delightful trompe-l’oeil for the brain.

So, champion, are you ready to face an optical illusion that measures your IQ: can you find the little mouse before the cat devours it in this crowded library?

The image you see here was originally presented as a captivating puzzle that puts you to the test.

Can you spot this elusive mouse hiding among the books in this library?

In the snapshot, you can see a distressed librarian, almost tearing his hair out facing a mouse that has infiltrated his precious sanctuary.

He then sends his cat on the hunt before the little creature creates even more chaos.

You can also notice in this impressive library, shelves filled with books, Christmas decorations, and books scattered everywhere.

The real challenge here is to flush out the mouse amid the Christmas decorations and the book debris.

As the proverb goes, only the eyes of a lynx will find the hidden mouse in the picture.

This image has left more than one perplexed, scratching their heads in search of the mouse that taunts everyone.

So, did you spot that cunning mouse before the cat in less than 15 seconds like a pro?

Examine this deceptive snapshot carefully and try to spot the elusive mouse hiding in this library.

Indeed, it might seem challenging to spot our little rodent due to the great variety of trinkets and books displayed before you to distract you.

But with a little attention, you can certainly spot the little fugitive.

If it continues to slip through your fingers, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Look at the top right shelf of the library in the photo, you’ll see a little innocent creature sneaking between a toy and some books. Can you see it?

Solution to the IQ test:

If you managed to flush out the mouse in a fraction of a second, know that it could be a good indicator of your remarkable intelligence and incredible memory.

Studies have shown that the more you challenge your brain with complex puzzles, the more likely you are to be sharp-minded.

Optical illusions, like open windows to our brain, always offer a fascinating perspective on its functioning.

Between the surprising combination of colors, light, and patterns, our brain is sometimes led to perceive things that don’t really exist.

And you, did you fall into the trap and spot the hidden mouse in this image?

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