Test your sharp eyes: find the word “Point” among “Paint” in just 17 seconds!


Optical illusions serve as an IQ test and have the potential to alter your visual perception of an image.

If you possess sharp observation skills, can you identify the concealed term “Word Point” in this picture?

This optical illusion, derived from the provided puzzle, poses a formidable challenge!

In recent times, people actively seek new optical illusion images across various internet sources as it enhances concentration and observational abilities in an individual’s brain, making it a brain-quenching activity.

Your primary task in every presented optical illusion image is to detect the hidden “Word Point” and comprehend the image to unveil how it cleverly blends with the surroundings.

Here’s a mind-boggling optical illusion where only about 1% succeeded in finding the hidden term “Word Point” in the given image.

Engaging with numerous optical illusions significantly improves your IQ level.

Typically, searching for a concealed term within a stipulated time accelerates your brain’s ability to discover it more swiftly.

Let’s embark on a quick countdown for you to pinpoint the hidden “Word Point.”

So, the clock has started ticking… 10… 9… 8… Hurry up!

Time is running out. Examine all corners of the image to identify the hidden “Word Point.”

3… 2… 1… time’s up!

Did you locate the concealed “Word Point”? If not, fret not; the solution awaits you in the upcoming section.

Finding solutions to optical illusions is a challenging endeavor.

If you are still scrutinizing the image for the hidden “Word Point,” the correct location is revealed in the next section.

Let’s conclude by exposing the answer.

The red-highlighted area on the image unveils the hidden “Word Point.”

Don’t be disheartened if you couldn’t find a solution.

Numerous optical illusions are available to help you observe and learn more.

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