Puzzle Challenge: Create the Highest Possible Number by Moving Only Two Pencils


Puzzles captivate everyone; there’s no one who doesn’t stop in front of them without trying to find the right solution.

Many people love them because they encourage self-testing, challenges, and taking time.

Games attract people as they help them gauge their intelligence and boost self-esteem. Solving puzzles not only raises self-worth but also promotes thinking outside the box.

Can you find the highest number by moving just two pencils? If you succeed, you’re a logic genius. Take your time and challenge yourself.

It’s a true test of skill. It’s not easy at all; you might spend hours staring at the image without finding the answer.

The image depicts a number formed with pencils, specifically the number 38 made with 12 pencils.

To solve the puzzle, move two pencils to create the highest possible number. The trick is to think creatively, read the instructions carefully, and overcome the challenge.

There’s no time limit; stay focused and don’t get distracted. Look at the number, determine which pencils to move, and figure out where to place them to get the highest number.

Did you succeed? If not, don’t worry, here’s the solution.

In this case, focus on the image, analyze it carefully, and start thinking. Solving these riddles keeps you active and sharpens your logical abilities.

Anyone who cracks this puzzle can consider themselves highly logical.

To find the highest number, aim for three digits.

Take the horizontal pencils from the 3 at the bottom and place them like a 1 at the end of the digits: you get 781.

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