The sister with Down syndrome reacts joyously to the request to be maid of honor… View the video here!


With all the wedding arrangements in place, the couple realized it was time to invite Chris Garafola’s sister, Brittany, to be a part of their special day.

Knowing how much it would mean to her, they decided to surprise Brittany through a heartfelt video call.

The overwhelming joy and emotion that filled Brittany’s reaction were both heartrending and touching.

She couldn’t contain her tears of happiness as she jumped up and down with pure joy.

Brittany, who has Down syndrome, holds a special place in Chris Garafola’s life.

As a model with an impressive portfolio, Garafola wanted to make sure his sister felt included and cherished during the wedding ceremony.

Having made all the necessary preparations, they eagerly reached out to Brittany via the video call, knowing it would be a moment she would always treasure.

Witnessing her genuine and heartwarming reaction brought tears to their own eyes.

Adding to the incredible surprise, Garafola’s boyfriend took the opportunity to ask Brittany to be his maid of honor.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Brittany received this loving gesture with kindness and grace.

Garafola had already introduced her sister to her fiancé during their dating days, making sure that he was ready to embrace and love Brittany just as she deserved.

The couple recognized that they were a package deal, as Garafola’s unwavering love and respect for her sister was an integral part of their lives.

Brittany’s happiness in gaining a new sister was immeasurable.

The hope for Garafola and her wife is that they will share a beautiful and fulfilling life together.

The video of Brittany’s heartfelt reaction has touched the hearts of many, leaving no doubt that her genuine joy brings tears and melts the hearts of all who witness it.

It serves as a reminder of the power of love, acceptance, and the incredible bond between siblings.

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