The forester felt pity on the wolf when it came to plead for food: Three wolves visited the town 2 months later and expressed gratitude to the man!


One winter evening, Stepan, a forester, heard peculiar sounds emanating from beneath the fence surrounding his hut.

Curiosity piqued, he stepped out onto the threshold and was met with the sight of a frail and malnourished wolf.

Sensing the animal’s hunger, he decided to fetch some frozen chicken to offer it sustenance.

Winter in the forest had left its inhabitants struggling to find food, rendering the forest unusually devoid of life.

The forester immediately noticed the wolf’s behavior as being out of the ordinary.

Typically, predators stay within their territories, hunting and rarely venturing near human settlements unless driven by extreme hunger.

However, this wolf began returning more frequently for food, drawing the disapproval of the locals who disliked the presence of a wild creature in their community.

Despite their criticism, Stepan paid no heed to their concerns and continued to provide nourishment to the wolf.

Stepan realized that if the wolf remained hungry during the harsh winter, it could pose a threat to the safety of the settlement.

Eventually, the wolf’s visits ceased, leaving the man, who had grown accustomed to his unusual visitor, feeling a sense of boredom in the absence of guests.

However, after a mere two months had passed, the forester heard a distinct howling outside his house.

Without hesitation, he rushed into the yard only to discover that the wolf had returned, accompanied by two young pups—her family.

A hushed silence fell upon the creatures as they stood before Stepan.

It dawned on the forester that the wolf had likely been using the meat he had provided throughout the winter to feed her young offspring.

It was now time for the entire family to move to a new location, and the wolf had come to bid farewell.

Stepan’s intuition proved correct, as no wolf was ever seen in the area again since that day.

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