It’s tough to recognise the makeup-free beauty competition winner!


Beauty contests have gained immense popularity worldwide, including children’s beauty pageants.

However, they can evoke mixed reactions when viewed from the comfort of our homes, within the benevolent intimacy of our own spaces.

For some mothers, these contests serve as an avenue for personal fulfillment, fulfilling their own desires through their children’s participation.

Unfortunately, these events often transform children into miniature replicas of adults, with heavy makeup and styling that makes it difficult to recognize the natural beauty of the winner.

One such instance is the case of Ochka, who emerged victorious in a beauty contest.

However, the extensive use of makeup on the young girl transformed her appearance into that of a 30-year-old woman.

Not only was she heavily made up, but her skin was also subjected to bleaching with special products, posing potential harm to her delicate skin.

Netizens have been actively criticizing the parents’ decision, questioning the necessity of whitening the girl’s skin for the sake of fashion.

They emphasize that her natural skin color is the norm and should be celebrated, rather than altered.

In truth, without the layers of makeup, the child possesses a remarkable beauty – natural, charming, and undeniably adorable.

Her genuine self shines through, revealing a vibrant, active, and captivating child who is truly marvelous.

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