To keep his 83-year-old father nearby and independent, he sets up a garden studio next to his house, bypassing the retirement home


Patrick Chastenet took a remarkable step to ensure his aging father’s well-being by constructing a small wooden studio in their garden, thus allowing him to avoid a retirement home.

Living in France with his wife, Marie-Laure, Patrick faced the challenge of finding suitable care for his 83-year-old father, who no longer wanted to reside in a nursing facility.

Not only are the costs of such establishments often exorbitant—amounting to 2,000 euros per month—but their family home wasn’t equipped to accommodate additional occupants.

Driven by their determination to provide a solution, Patrick and Marie-Laure made the decision to invest in a 15-square-meter wooden studio, carefully designed to meet the specific needs of Patrick’s father.

This chalet, costing a total of 37,000 euros, includes a living room, kitchen, and wheelchair-accessible bathroom, ensuring his father’s comfort and ease of movement.

The garden studio allows Patrick’s father to maintain his independence and autonomy while remaining in close proximity to his loved ones.

It offers a sense of belonging and security as he resides just a few meters away from his family’s main residence.

This innovative approach not only spares them the expenses associated with a retirement home but also strengthens the bonds within the family.

The garden studio serves as a gathering place for friends, a haven for the elderly, or even a home office, catering to various needs.

Previously living several hundred kilometers away from his son, Patrick’s father now enjoys more quality time with his family and the joy of being closer to his grandchildren.

The garden studio has truly transformed their lives, fostering a sense of togetherness and ensuring their father’s well-being in his golden years.

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