Look what the child of the most gorgeous guy in the world looks like! He grew up and excelled above his father!


Omar, once renowned as the most stunning man in the world, now finds himself in a different chapter of his life.

He has become a father, and he firmly believes that his child will surpass him in beauty as they grow older.

Like any proud father, Omar shares adorable pictures of his baby on social media.

His followers enthusiastically comment that the child will inherit their father’s remarkable looks and resemble a model in the future.

However, Omar humbly insists that his son actually inherits his wife’s captivating beauty and is an exact replica of her.

Recognizing the significance of this milestone, Omar dedicates all his free time to his son.

He cherishes every moment spent together, as he believes that his child’s birth has marked a transformative period in his own life.

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