A woman discovers an old postcard at the home of her late grandpa and thinks that it may help her reclaim her inheritance!


“Bridget, I’m concerned. Salazar seems to have a valid claim on the business.

He will pose a challenge,” Isaac cautioned, but Bridget remained skeptical.

“Come on, Isaac. An old birthday postcard as evidence?

That could jeopardize the company my grandfather entrusted to me?” she scoffed, shaking her head and reclining in her office chair.

“At the very least, it will cause a scandal and negatively impact our stocks.

It’s not the ideal way to begin your tenure as the company’s leader,” Isaac earnestly continued.

“This individual intends to sue on behalf of the business and, naturally, seeks compensation,” he added.

“But there’s something peculiar about this picture.

I vaguely recall my grandfather jotting down the idea on a birthday postcard, but I wouldn’t even know where to start searching,” Bridget stated.

“Grandpa owned multiple houses, and who knows if he actually kept that postcard in any of them,” she added.

“Moreover, the photo that man sent you appears out of place, like it’s been edited or altered.”

“Bridget, the solution lies in finding that birthday postcard, no matter the effort required.

It’s solid proof of everything. I’ll do my best; I don’t want anything to tarnish your leadership,” Isaac emphasized.

“That’s precisely why he’s doing this. He’s likely a jealous former coworker who resented your grandfather’s success.

Perhaps he was too afraid to attempt this while your grandfather was alive.

That’s why he waited until Mr. Lara passed away. Please find that birthday postcard.”

Bridget still found the idea utterly absurd. Her grandfather had passed away, and she had promptly inherited his shares, becoming the CEO of his company.

However, when her appointment was announced, a man suddenly appeared with this “proof” that he was the true brains behind the business.

Yet, that proof merely consisted of a photograph of an old birthday postcard.

He claimed to possess the original postcard, but something within Bridget told her that the man was lying.

Otherwise, he would have sued years ago. The business had been generating millions for quite some time.

Bridget knew her legal team would work diligently to dismantle the individual’s entire scheme, but this man could still damage her public image.

And that, whether she liked it or not, would affect the company’s stock prices.

She needed to get to the bottom of this matter, so she reached out to her mother and grandmother, rallying all available staff to begin the search for the postcard immediately.

Maids, butlers, and even office staff scoured boxes of old documents and letters.

Bridget herself joined the search, knowing they had to go through years of memorabilia across her late grandfather’s three homes.

“Mrs. Lara, could this be of any significance?” a maid asked Bridget, who furrowed her brow while examining an old letter.

“What is this?” she inquired.

“It seems to be a love letter, or rather, a farewell letter.

But look at what it says: ‘I wish I had never given you that postcard,'” the maid pointed out.

Bridget studied the details. The letter appeared to be a goodbye note, and the author expressed discontent with her grandfather’s business.

Evidently, he was in a relationship with a woman who ultimately broke up with him due to his excessive work commitments.

“I must find her,” Bridget declared, folding the letter in her hands.

Fortunately, it included a return address and the full name of the author—Angelica.

Bridget instructed her assistant to confirm whether the woman still resided at that address, and once it was verified, she immediately drove there.

“Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe he kept this letter,” the elderly woman exclaimed, staring at the paper Bridget presented while explaining her dire situation.

“Please, Mrs. White. I need to know everything about that postcard,” Bridget pleaded, her desperation evident through her gestures.

“Don’t worry, dear. Your grandfather conceived that idea on his own.

He scribbled it down on a birthday postcard I gave him. We were at a restaurant, and the idea just struck him.

He couldn’t stop writing on the postcard,” Angelica explained, her eyes filled with nostalgia.

“Unfortunately, I lost your grandfather that day, all because of that business idea.”

“Do you have any idea where my grandfather might have kept that postcard?

I mean, if he kept the letter, he might have kept the postcard too, right?” the young CEO inquired, biting her lower lip.

“Did you check the house in Palo Verde?” the older woman asked.

“The house in Palo Verde? I wasn’t aware he had one there.

Grandpa’s house in California is quite far, and we’ve already searched the one in Las Vegas and the one in Aspen,” Bridget replied, shaking her head.

“Well, I don’t know if he sold it, but a few years ago, I drove by, and it was completely vacant,” Angelica revealed.

“We used to live there. We were planning to build a life together before he had that idea.

If he didn’t sell it, that house is your best chance.”

“Could you give me the exact address?” the young woman asked, her eyes wide with hope.

Angelica provided her with the address, and Bridget immediately contacted her staff.

Her assistant confirmed that the property still belonged to her late grandfather and managed to obtain the keys from her grandmother’s house.

She rushed to the house with some of her staff, and upon arrival, they meticulously searched through everything—boxes, papers, countertops, corners, and… nothing. The postcard was nowhere to be found.

“It has to be here,” Bridget muttered, rubbing her forehead in frustration.

“Ms. Lara, please sit down,” her assistant suggested, pulling out a chair.

“Try to rest for a while as we continue the search.”

“Thank you, Alex,” she replied, taking a seat.

He was right, of course. She was too stressed, and her heart was racing too fast to be productive in the search.

After a few minutes, she stood up and began walking around the house, observing everything and taking it all in.

This was her grandfather’s alternate potential life—a life where he almost married someone else and embraced a simple suburban existence.

“Perhaps I wouldn’t even be here if he hadn’t had that idea,” Bridget muttered, glancing at the crooked painting in her late grandfather’s office. She decided to straighten it.

As she picked it up, she inexplicably turned it over, and there, taped to the back of the picture, was the birthday postcard.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed, hastily grabbing it. “Alex! Alex! I found it!”

Her assistant and the other employees rushed in, and she stood up, presenting the birthday postcard.

On the back of it was her grandfather’s complete business plan.

“Did we do it? Did we find it?” Alex asked in awe, and Bridget nodded with excitement. But then she quickly shifted her focus.

“Call Isaac. We’re going to fight that absurd lawsuit and win,” she declared, adjusting her jacket and hair.

Her confidence had been restored. She held the proof of her company in her hands, and nothing was going to take away her legacy.

Despite presenting Mr. Salazar with the irrefutable evidence, he persisted with the lawsuit.

However, Bridget’s company had the best legal representation in the country, and they successfully demonstrated that he had manipulated the photograph.

The case was ultimately dismissed, and the public scarcely heard about it.

Bridget commenced her leadership with strength and ensured the birthday postcard remained safely secured, preserving her legacy.

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