In this optical illusion, apples are concealed among tomatoes and can only be seen by keen eyes!


This perplexing illusion puts viewers to the test, differentiating apples from tomatoes.

When it comes to this optical puzzle, where fruit hides among fruit, things get intriguing.

Crafted by Hungarian illusion master Gergely Dudás, known as the Dudolf, this mind-bending challenge specifically requires puzzle enthusiasts to locate three hidden apples within a vast sea of tomatoes.

Distinguishing apples from tomatoes may sound like a breeze in real life, but this fruit-seeking challenge takes it up a notch.

The salad toppers mimic the celebrated doctor deterrents perfectly, matching in shape and coloration.

Struggling to tell the Beefsteaks apart from the Red Delicious?

Fear not! Dudás, the renowned mastermind, generously provides an answer key revealing the locations of the tomato-disguised apples.

Find it below. Looking for an even greater challenge? Dudás offers a collection of brain-teasing illusions that will leave you scratching your head, like the one where you must spot corn husks among a field of identical-looking pineapples.

For those who are eager to catch up, here are the three concealed apples.

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