Acts of kindness can leave us speechless. When a man fed two homeless children at a restaurant, and as the bill arrived, he found himself at a loss for what to do


He sat down for a set meal while gazing out the window.

He didn’t have a ton of stuff to do for the 1st time in a while, so he simply desired to take it all in.

But the 2 kids who were licking their lips at the window while watching how others ate truly moved him, so he chose to reward them.

The 2 little kids walked after the adult. He handed them a menu and grinned as he enquired about their meal preferences.

They tossed the menu down in confusion and gestured to the meal he had selected for himself.

He phoned the waiter and placed a second order for 2 of the same.

The bro and sis exchanged glances before starting to eat the soup, firstly cautiously as if they were frightened of something, and then fervently.

He gave them ice cream as their dessert. The man felt that he earned extra coffee today because he had done sth good after the kids went home, so he placed another order.

The bill was soon given to him, and when it did, he was shocked to find a note rather than the customary numbers:

You can’t save everyone! But you managed to save 2 today! Enough enough!

After giving the message a good look, the guy picked it up and left.

He was now certain that nice things may also come back to you.

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