A heartwarming story of a grandma and her unexpected guest! At first, she thought she was taking care of 3 kittens, but her grandson realized that one of them wasn’t a cat at all!


Eric Hertlein made the decision to travel to Kansas to see his cherished grandma.

She admitted to him that she had taken in and housed a number of stray cats.

One of the cats was considerably unlike from the rest, and when her grandson came, he thought something was amiss.

It turned out to be a little possum that had been passing itself off as a cat all along.

Grandma was shocked to learn of this information because she had even given the “kitten” a name.

The possum was clearly abandoned, and circumstances brought him to people and a cozy cat bed.

The grandma made the decision to retain the animal because it doesn’t create any problems or need special care.

We let you have a peek at this tiny con artist.

Grandma gave the name Tete to one of the animal companions that stood out from the other cats.

Tete wasn’t a cat at all, in fact. Grandma was in the dark about what it was—a possum!

«She said it was one of her cats, she said. Eric states, “I laughed for 5 minutes.”

Until he showed her the animal’s elongated tail and pointy nose, the grandma did not trust her grandson.

Tete was ultimately determined to be kept because he was safe and didn’t need any particular care.

The moral of this narrative was that everyone won.

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