Get ready for a seek-and-find challenge that will put your visual skills to the test! Spot the hidden pencil in the image in just 5 seconds!


The seek-and-find exercise is a great way to gauge your capacity for observation.

Do you want to see how good your observational abilities are?

Then, in 5 sec, locate a pencil that is concealed in the image.

The idea of this puzzle is to locate a concealed object in a pic within a set amount of time.

By giving one a sense of success and pleasure after finishing, solving puzzles may also assist to lower stress and boost mood.

It may also be an enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones.

Any thing, animal, number etc., can be the concealed item.

This exercise will improve your focus and sharpen your observational abilities.

They are believed to enhance cognitive abilities including attention to detail and visual perception and are frequently employed as a source of entertainment.

Do you wish to develop your cognitive abilities?

So go ahead and try this simple “seek and find” exercise.

A building site is shown in the image provided above, where work is actively taking place.

In the image, a pencil is concealed in the building site; you have five seconds to discover the hidden pencil.

Your ability to pay attention to detail will be put to the test by this task.

To find the concealed object, you must pay close attention and concentrate, thus it’s a terrific exercise for honing your observation and focus abilities.

Finding the pencil in the image in only 5 sec is a difficult task; only people with exceptional observational abilities can do it.

By encouraging critical thinking, which is good for improving cognitive capacities, this activity works the brain in a very positive way.

It is an excellent strategy to keep the brain healthy and ward against adult cognitive decline.

Do you know where the pencil is? The time is running out, so hurry.

The pencil can be right in front of your face, yet you might not immediately see it.

Have you seen the pencil yet? And…

There is no more time. How many of you were successful in finding the pencil before time ran out?

While some of you are still seeking, we think the majority of you have already located the pencil.

Are you trying to find the pencil? Then look at the answer shown below.

The pencil is visible on the left side of the photograph, and a circle designates where it is.

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