Gardening enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Spot all five gardening-related words hidden in this picture! You have only 21 seconds to complete the challenge


You must find all 5 words in this brainteaser, which is buried within the image of a family gardening on a farm.

You can notice that a guy is watering the plants inside the image, while a lady is picking fruits from the tree.

In the garden, the little child is sowing a plant.

You certainly won’t quickly notice every word at first.

But after a little while, you might be able to recognize the words that are concealed in the picture.

Here are the 5 words that may be found inside the image.

1. The cloud in the photo has the word “Bloom” inscribed on it.

2. The guy in the photo has the word “Pot” inscribed on his shirt.

3. The tree in the photo has the term “Vegetable” printed on it.

4. The water in the photo is coming via a pipe, and the word “Water” is inscribed on it.

5. The flowers in the photo have the word “Garden” inscribed on them.

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