Attention, please! Test your attentiveness and spot the differences between two images within the time limit. Only the sharpest individuals will prevail!


Two Super Mario pics with Mario seated in a racing automobile may be seen in the pic provided above.

The photos that are put next to one another firstly appear to be identical.

There are just three distinctions, though, and you have 11 seconds to identify them.

Only people with exceptional intelligence can identify all three changes between the two images in the allotted 11 seconds.

Do you count among them? Now try!

In order to see the differences between the two photographs, you must concentrate on the image and pay close attention to it.

Hurry, the time is running out. Continue to look; you could find all the variations.

And… The difficulty has been completed.

The two images are different in the ways listed below.

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Challenge them and see if they can solve it and simply have fun!

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